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Audio Technica 鐵三角 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

Audio Technica 鐵三角 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier
Audio Technica 鐵三角 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier
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Audio Technica

Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

    AT-HA5050H is a reference headphone amplier that is designed to work with any headphones, not just those from Audio-Technica. We understand that all headphones have a distinct sound signature and can perform very dierently when paired with an amp.

    We wanted to make headphones perform at their best, while also letting the user choose the sound they like. So we have provided dierent output choices that can easily alter the sonic characteristics and performance of the headphones.

    Unlike previously released headphone ampliers, the sux “H” in the model name signies that AT-HA5050H is a Hybrid amplier that employs a pair of tubes at the preamp stage and transistors at the power amp stage.

    Employing tubes in the preamp adds warmth and depth to the music, while its bipolar transistors provide distortion-free Class A amplication that is powerful enough to drive any headphones, irrespective of their impedance level.

  • Included a variety of sockets with different output impedance to allow you to choose the optimal output to match your specific needs
  • D/A converter is optimized to be compatible with formats up to PCM 32 bit/384 kHz and DSD128 through USB with selectable Asynchronous and Adaptive modes
  • Included a SPDIF coaxial digital input and two analog inputs with RCA jacks for unbalanced and XLR sockets for balanced audio
  • Use a pair of E88CC tubes for valued sound quality and longevity. They matched bipolar transistors are carefully selected and paired for noise performance
  • Employs high-quality Lundahl input transformers for the best sound quality in balanced inputs
  • Included a pair of an elegant VU meters to add to the analog feel of tubes